Look Up A PA Attorney

Please note, ONLY use the attorney's first name in the "first name" box. Including middle initials or middle names will invalidate search results.

This page allows anyone to search attorneys who are admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, and obtain information such as an attorney's status or whether an attorney has been subjected to public discipline.

The information displayed on this page is updated on a daily basis. Public discipline information is updated within 3 business days after an Order is issued by either the Disciplinary Board or the Supreme Court.

To search for an attorney:

Using the drop down menu above, select the category you want to search by. You can choose from last name, first name, ID number, county, OR city. Then to the right, type the specific information you are searching for.


Choose “last name” from the first drop down menu, and type Smith in the box to the right. If you click submit, you will receive all of the attorneys with the last name Smith, who are admitted to practice in Pennsylvania.

To narrow your search even more, use the “Also by” drop down menu and choose a category, such as “county.” Type Cumberland in the box to the right.

After clicking submit, your results will include: all attorneys with the last name “Smith” whose registration address is in Cumberland County. Please note, the search results do not necessarily reflect the location of all the attorney’s offices.

Please Remember:

Use the attorney's Attorney Registration Number to confirm that the information applies to the correct individual. There may be more than one Pennsylvania attorney with the same name, even in the same county or city. Particularly when viewing or relying on information regarding discipline of an attorney, the user should exercise care to be sure that the information pertains to the same attorney the user is inquiring about.

If a search for a particular name, registration number, or other criterion yields a report screen with no names listed, this means that no attorney by that name, registration number, or other criterion has a record of public discipline or disability.

If the report under the attorney's registration record indicates that the lawyer has received public discipline, you may be able to review a copy of the Disciplinary Board report on that case at the Web site of the Administrative Office of the Pennsylvania Courts.

Only fairly recent disciplinary decisions are available online. If the report you are seeking is not available online, full information as to any public discipline case is available from the following address:

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Western District Office
801 City-County Building
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219
(412) 565-2816